RapidRoad worked, then it didn't: damaged?

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  • I have the clockport model of the RapidRoad with the ACA1233n accelerator for my Amiga 1200. It worked for a few days: I was able to copy files off a USB memory stick, and Poseidon was happy. Then at some point it stopped working, with Poseidon logs showing it couldn't start the device. I opened the A1200 back up and the RapidRoad light is no longer illuminating. The floppy drive works via the power passthru, the clockport ribbon cable is seated correctly on the RR and the ACA1233n, and the USB cable looks fine. It doesn't appear to be coming apart when I reassemble the machine. I'm concerned that the RR is dead. Is there anything else I can try to troubleshoot, or do I just need to order another one?

    Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

    -- Dan

  • If you're the person from Seattle, WA who just ordered a new unit, then I can confirm that your "old" unit (which was bought in summer of this year) is still under warranty, provided it was not connected the wrong way round (this can be easily seen on the two 3R3 resistors near the clock port connector).

    Sometimes this type of defect also shows if your power supply cannot handle hot-plug events on the 5V rail. I currently assume that what's happening is that the power supply attempts to regulate, and gives an over-voltage spike that makes it through the 3.3V regulator, and ultimately blows the two key components on RR. So please make sure that your PSU can handle high loads and hot-plug events; the USB Power switches on RR can handle a lot more than most original A1200 supplies can provide, but if the PSU is on it's limit, it may output a voltage outside "healthy specs". The original Commodore switchmode PSUs should be re-worked with low-ESR caps, and if you have a "stronger" PC power supply, it should be one of those modern DC-DC type ones (high efficiency, usually advertised as 90%-gold or so). These have zero cross-regulation problems that PC power supplies normally have.

  • Hi Jens! I did indeed order a new one. I didn't realize the old one was still under warranty. That's great! Can you pause my order and reach me at the email address (contact@...) with warranty instructions?

    I have an original Amiga power supply (North American). I'm happy to replace it with a good aftermarket supply, or even do the re-mod with caps with more specific instructions. (I'm considering re-capping the whole machine. It'd be the first time I've done it, but I'm comfortable with soldering.)

    Thanks for your help!

    -- Dan

  • No special instructions - just send the old unit back, make a proper declaration so customs won't hold it.

    We don't really have a "pause" or "hold" procedure for any order (other than a "waiting for payment" status), so it's probably best if I cancel and refund it.

  • Hi Jens! Can you confirm that you received my malfunctioning RapidRoad for repair or replacement? I sent it back in October but didn't get a confirmation email or anything.


    -- Dan

  • Mine was bought in March of 2018. It also has died. If it is due to the power supply how can I tell? I don’t want to bother shipping it in if it isn’t covered. Also I want to correct the issue before buying another one and having the same thing happen. I am using a European PSU with US power converter. It is an A500 PSU on an Amiga 1200. I too have the ACA1223n.

  • We usually just exchange the unit if it was damaged due to the PSU not being able to handle hot-plug events, so rest assured it's covered by warranty.

    Your PSU appears to be loaded quite heavily, so you might want to check if the PSU is a light-weight 4.5A type.

  • Where do I start the process of sending it in for replacement?

    At your home, by packing everything into a box :-) Please ship to the company address - we only have that one address. No need for an RMA number or so - just send the unit and include a short letter so my employees know what to do with the incoming parcel.

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