Xsurf-100 and GVP scsi series II 8MB

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  • Hi, Because I heard about some problems for some auto-config cards with 8mb memory expansion, Before to buy it, I like to know if the Xsurf-100 with rapidroad usb may have any conflict with the gvp card.


  • The X-Surf-100 does not make use of the Zorro memory space, but it does use 64k Z2 autoconfig space at $e8.0000 (plus a bit). Where did you hear about problems? Just asking, because I don't know of any trobule with mem/HD controllers.

  • Hi Jens, Thanks

    I have heard about some cards, not the X-surf-100, that have problems on a A2000 with 8MB expansion. I don't know if this kind of problems occur because the bizarre nature of the Amiga or because the laziness of the old hardware producer. But because nowadays a modern accelerator, when available, don't come with more that 4MB (really I don't know WHY) to have all the MB that is possible is a must.

    So, the X-surf 100, using those 64k, what problem can cause?

    Adding the RapidRoad USB, still no problem?