I did an CLPD/flash update but none of Compact Flash cards are recognised

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  • Hi, as in topic - after update most of my generic HDDs started to work as well as SD/microSD cards but still none of my CF cards are recognised. I got Kingston, SanDisk and few cheaper ones. I tried also with three different CF-IDE adapters - without success. What I can do more?

  • Check if the CF adapters provide proper power - that's the most common problem, even for me. It has become so natural to just plug in a DOM that I often forget to connect power to the CF card adapter :-)

  • Checked with multimeter - 4.85V on 5V rail so all seems to be fine here. SD/microSD adapter connected to the same power plug works like a charm. Any other ideas?

  • Sandisk is a very reliable brand - the only idea (apart from goblins) would be a fake Sandisk card. The controller itself - which BTW is advertised as IDE controller, not CF controller - appears to be OK, as other devices work. So if you have ruled out Master/slave settings, power issues, bent pins in the adapters or contact problems between CF adapter and Buddha, there's nothing more I can recommend.

  • I understand but my friend has a Buddha controller, where my CF cards work (after CPLD update of course). How can it be such lottery?

  • Is that with the same adapters? You really need to compare things that are comparable. Only a single diffeence, and your comparisons are not usable for a diagnosis from a distance.

  • Once again, for comparing the controller's compatibility, the whole system needs to be looked at. Please describe both setups:

    - computer?

    - power supply?

    - accelerator?

    - possible 2nd-source Zorro back plane?

  • I will try with A2620 switched off in the evening and let you know. Second question - he already sold this card, so cannot perform this test but he confirms that CF cards work on plain A2000, with 030 and also with Blizzard 2060.

  • The accelerator has direct influence on the Zorro timing, and the Buddha directly takes Zorro timing to generate IDE timing. So in essence, the accelerator can break IDE functionality.

    Revision of the A2000 may also play a role; older boards may requrie Rev6.2 updates (mostly pullup/down resistors)

  • Is there a chance that with faster accelerator Buddha will start to recognise CF cards?

    Maybe yes, maybe no. Once again_ Buddha is an IDE controller, not a CF controller. It implements the IDE bus and protocol, and I suggest to try an IDE harddrive first before you jump to conclusions.