A1233n - new kick 46.143 (3.1.4) does not map

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  • Hi

    I am trying to map new rom delivered with os3.1.4, but each time I use acamaprom, I end up with red screen. Same rom works fine with UAE. My colleagues have no issue with Acatune either.

    Do you know what could be possibly wrong with acamaprom? Or maybe its hyperion’s fault?

    Kind regards


  • acamaprom needs the library in libs: - the program won't work all by itself. The latest archive contains an installer if I remember right.

    ACAtune is an old piece of software for older cards, so please stick with the tools specifically for the ACA1233n. I know for a fact that some betatesters have been using the ACA1233n while OS3.1.4 was under development, so it's a known-good combination.

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