X-Surf broken ISA card

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  • I have the original X-Surf and the ISA card that is mounted on it is broken.

    Have tried to find an isa card that would fit and resolder the new card on the X-surf but all the isa cards i have found are a bit longer then the original isa card, even when i sand them down to fit.

    Is there any where to buy replacement cards or am i out of luck?

  • I'm sorry, but we don't ahve any f those ISA cards left. What we did in the past when 10MBit cards were here for repair was to exchange the RTL8019AS chips and the 20MHz Crystals - those are the two parts that may break on the ISA card. However, we don't even have spare RTL8019AS chips at this point, and with these chips only being available from chip brokers at insanely high prices, I usually point people to the X-Surf-100 card, which is a great upgrade compared to the old X-Surf card.

  • I had the same problem with my old X-Surf in my A2000. It's just easier to get the new X-Surf-100, and you can add the Rapid Road also for USB connectivity, if you wish. That's the path I took since I new I would be keeping the machine.

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