Indivision ECS V2 for A500

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  • Hello All,

    I have a REV 5 Amiga 500. I just ordered the ACA500 Plus and the ACE2 for my A500. I am currently waiting on parts so nothing is installed yet. Will the ECS V2 work in my A500 with both the ACA500PLUS and the ACE2 installed?

    IF YES, does anyone know when the ECS V2 is going to be available?

    Another question... When I get all the products, which one should be installed first? Should I install one piece of hardware, reboot to insure all is running then repeat the process one upgrade at a time?

    Thanks for your help....:thumbup:

  • Hello,

    1. Yes the ECS V2 will work with all those products installed. No reason why it shouldn't. My rev 6a has just that same configuration and works like a charm.

    2. ECS V2 says in stock for immediate delivery on icomp's shopping site. Is it not so?

    3. You can certainly do it whichever way you want. But if I were you, I'd first install the ACE-2, do a reboot to ensure you at least see the ROM splashscreen (that should tell you the ACE-2 is well seated. if not, you might see a solid color screen appear). I would then proceed with the ECS-V2, and finally the easiest of them all, the ACA500plus.

  • KKR75,

    Thanks for the info... One other thing. I have also ordered the 3.1 Kickstart ROM. I understand that the ACA500PLUS has the 3.1 ROM built in. Should I still use the stand alone 3.1 ROM Chip as well?

    I also ordered the GOTEK External Kit, Will that even be nessasary with the ACA500PLUS? I wasn't sure how I was going to get the ADF files from my PC to ACA500 CF cards. I bought a CF card reader/writer for my PC but wasn't sure if the CF card for the ACA500PLUS could be read by a PC. Not sure of the Amiga's file format it needs. Sorry I'm just a little confused by all this.

    Appreciate your help! Thanks:)

  • SNR1,

    It would be totally redundant to use the standalone ROM, unless for whatever reason you decide to unplug the ACA00plus and run your A500.

    You don't really need the GoTek external kit, unless you want to run ADF floppies from it and be 100% like old times with your floppy reader.

    The ACA500plus can read FAT32 formatted PC cards, and that's what I use to transfer files between my PC and Amiga.

    The ACA500plus has 2 CF slots: the right one is the Amiga formatted boot drive, the left AUX one can be either PC or Amiga formatted. If PC formatted, it can be hotplugged and out. If Amiga formatted, it cannot be hotplugged.

  • KKR75,

    So... First of all thanks for the reply...

    SO if the LEFT CF card is formatted FAT32 I can hot swap it between my PC Card reader and the ACA500PLUS. What file extension do the files need to be to actually run them on the Amiga? ADF? So do games and Utilities show up in a folder and you just click on them to run them?

    I apologize for all the questions. I've seen guys demonstrating the ACA500PLUS on YouTube but no one really showing how to transfer files from the PC using CF cards and then executing the files on the Amiga.

    Your help is greatly appreciated...

  • Any extension readable by the Amiga can be put on the FAT32-formatted CF card. LHA, LZX, ADF, text, images, etc....

    When you insert the CF card into the AUX slot, a hard disk icon will appear on your workbench, just like any other hard disk present.

    It is really a plug and play.

  • I've seen guys demonstrating the ACA500PLUS on YouTube but no one really showing how to transfer files from the PC using CF cards and then executing the files on the Amiga.

    THat's probably because transferring files is totally natural with the ACA500plus: If you insert a FAT-formatted card into the left (AUX) slot, it appears on the WB as if it was a local harddrive. All files can be seen, but of course only Amiga-binaries can be executed.

    Please also note that ADF is a file format for disk images. You should probably not look for those, as you'd lose the benefit of having a flash-based harddrive for your Amiga. Please read up on "WHDload", which lets you install most games on a harddrive (or in this case: CF card).

  • Thank you KKR75 and Thank you Jens. Great news. I will look into WHDload. I did here where WHDload can be confusing. Thanks for all your help. Really looking forward to getting all my hardware..:)

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