Flickering when using HighGFX modes

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  • I have installed my Indivision AGA and it seems to working with no problem for the normal resolutions. I've installed the HighGFX driver and tried the 1024x768 mode and almost immediately I get screen corruption/flickering, etc. reverting back to a lower screen resolution makes the problem go away again.

    I haven't added a heatsink to the Alice chip yet, but I'm fairly sure the A1200 wasn't powered on for long before I tried this so it didn't have chance to get too hot. I was wondering what the other fixes might be? My A1200 is a rev 1B board if that helps.

  • I had the same problem with my A1200+indi combo. The issue always disappeared after few minutes of warmup though.

    After a little research I found the perfect solution, it was to open up my Amiga and on the back side of the motherboard to short the E127R resistor. Since then it works like a charm without any video issues. Hope it helps.

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