A600 shows blank screen with Indivision ECS v2

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  • Hi there,

    eventually i found some time to install my newly purchased ECSv2 together with my newly purchased 604n. Unfortunately it displays just a blank screen, RGB output is working. I read the wiki beforehand and saw the new firmware, but flashing the ECS is not possible:

    - When using the ECS tool, it reports that no ECS is installed. When flashing with file, nothing happens until the power led is flashing three times twice and then the guru is greeting

    - With the rescue disk i get an error stating that the firmware signature is wrong (flashtool error return code 10). i changed the firmware file (tried the one from early january and the one from end of january), same result, but different signature is showing.

    any suggestions would be of great help!

    UPDATE: i just realized today there is a new firmware and rescuedisk. with that disk the flashing process seems to start, the cursor is running for its life, but only a few lines, then it drops dead. nothing changed, blank screen on vga after all.



  • The new firmware is requried for that setup, as the old firmware does not properly identify the A600. So if you have another Amiga to do that update, it would probably be the easiest solution.

    the cursor is running for its life, but only a few lines, then it drops dead.

    This sounds like a stuck key, nothing that the rescue disk can do anything about.

  • hi jens,

    thx for your reply. regarding the stuck key: no keyboard was attached, i thought the cursor is indicating the flashing progress... i read the thread by a user having quite similar problems and grabbed my A500 from the attic. unfortunately its floppy drive is an ex-floppy drive now and i had to change the drives. i had no success in updating the ECS with the A500. since the screen stays blank, i cant say why. i wasted the whole weekend and , for the final joke, after changing the ICs and ECS back and forth uncountable times, i broke a pin of the ECS. now i am at the point of giving up and regret. can you point me to a vendor having that socket you use on the ecs?

  • If it's just a pin of the in-between-socket that broke off, there's no need to look for a specific vendor; any 48-pin socket with turned pins will do.

    It seems like the unit needs to be shipped back for service anyway - we can take of that broken-off pin.

  • sorry to hear it needs service and i am terrible sorry for the broken pin. your support is much appreciated.

    what should i do in order to service return the ECS?



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