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  • Hi,

    Is the aca1000 for amiga 1000 still in the pipeline?

    What can you tell me about it? How will it work and will it allow chip ram upgrade, rom mapping and cf/sd card port?


  • The plan is to make it a combined internal/external expansion: Remove Agnus chip, insert adapter, run cable to the outside, connect that to the ACA1000, which connects to the side of the A1000.

    Not sure when I can turn to that project. I'd love to make it, but will focus on Indivision AGA MK3 and the ACA1240/1260 for now.

  • Thanks for the quick response!

    I've been holding out for this because it looks like it will be the only expansion for the a1000 that will offer chip ram upgrade along with rom and cf adapter. The absolute hole in one upgrade the a1000 would ever need.

    Id love to be able to run os3.1 and whdload on my a1000. But without the chip ram, all the other accelerators are useless really.

  • Hi everybody, as we are now at end of the year, I just wanted to release the same question, just to show the interest for this board if it was done for the 1000, because tons of Amiga lovers have still their A1000, with is still an incredible machine: "The Amiga" ...

  • Hello, I also want to show my interest. I hope the rumors from earlier this year will not come true and wenn will receive more excellent Amiga hardware from Icomp in the Future.

    Best regards, André

  • Hi jens,

    Have you thought about having the aca1000 mount internally instead of using the sidecar attachment on the a1000?

    Given that the a1000 is such a great looking machine and sidecars are ugly, I personally think a complete internal solution would be fantastic and would avoid the ugly look of a sidecar and the need to find/make a suitable looking case to mount it in.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  • Have you thought about having the aca1000 mount internally instead of using the sidecar attachment on the a1000?

    Thought about it, but didn't come to a workable solution, as you need access to the board for inserting a CF card, see the DisMo and also insert a cable (in case of the networking card). Further, the ease of installation shall be comparable to the ACA500plus: If you don't *want* to open the computer, you shouldn't have to. My plan is to have the Agnus-adapter as an option, but it shall work completely without opening the machine, just with 512k chip ram.

  • That's great! Thanks for the reply. More chip ram is very desirable for almost anyone with an a1000 these days id say.

    I can't wait!


  • Hello Jens,

    All of our dreams would finally come true. After all these years I can hardly believe that this can be achieved.
    Please let the miracle happen.

    Thank you.

    Yours truly,

  • I'm just getting back into Amiga from a 28 year hiatus and have an A1000 delivered today. An ACA1000 would be just amazing. I'll check back here from time to time for updates. :)

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