ACA500Plus WHDLoad reset unit through Quit Key

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  • I have one A500+ V8A and one A500 V6A. With both units WHDLoad V1.84 works fine with the ACA500Plus but when I close using the Quit Key, both units start blinking the power led and then the units reset resulting in a guru message “software issue”. After 20 seconds the units reset again and boot to workbench on CF. With Freeze selected through the menu, the units reset too but no guru message appears.

    I tried all possible menu combinations (RAM, MHz) and removed the 512k add-on of the A500. Same result. I saw a YouTube video where someone closed WHDLoad with the ACA500Plus without problems, it returned to the Workbench immediately. That A500 had 2Mb chipram. I have 1Mb chipram max. But I think that should not matter. Any idea if I am missing something? I received the ACA500+ one week ago. Awesome product and 99% of the WHDLoad games run fine but I would like WHDLoad to return to WB instead of the card constantly resetting the A500. I also played with the WHDLoad preferences but that did not make any difference either.

  • VBRmove and aca.resource are on. The quit key is always recognized but instead of smoothly returning to the WB, the card resets the unit and throws the guru message “software failure”. Sometimes it shows 00 on the DisMo and I have turn the power off and On as it no longer responses to the soft reset keys. I have tried multiple power supplies, different A500(+) and many different games. The results are the same.

  • Solved. I ordered the 3.1.4 rom and CF with preinstalled WB. It comes with WHDLoad 18.2. Quitkey works like a charm. No more guru messages, resets or 00 display messages. The ACA500Plus rocks! Keep up the good work.

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