aca 620ec no boot after recap

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  • hello.

    card worked fine for few years. then i decided to do full recap.

    took out card, did recap, put it back and no boot.

    now, when not inserted workbench loads but gives #80000003 error

    when inserted, black screen and even cf card led is dead...

    please help

  • Looks like the ACA620 itself is not the cause - please understand that repairing your A600 is not what we can help you with under the umbrella of product support. As you are writing yourself, the A600 doesn't even work normally without the ACA620.

    The best advice I can give it to carefully review the work that has been done on the main board and fix any shorts or ripped-off traces.

  • so after further investigation:

    1. i replaced kickstart with hyperion's 46.143

    2. did fresh workbench 3.1 CF card install

    3. Amiga works great, but ACA is not...

    when not inserted system loads without any problem, but when put ACA in place CF card blinks for a few seconds and screen remains black.

    adding acatune commands changes nothing.

    i did maprom on old kickstart but new maprom command doesn't change anything...

    is there any 'factory reset' ? am i missing something?

  • There may be a micro crack on the solder joints of the 68000 processor. Do you have the tools to re-solder all pins of the 68000 on the A600? It's a common problem, but quickly checked if you just add some flux to all pins and heat every solder joint once.

  • We can of course check the ACA620 here, but you have to be aware that this unit is long out of warranty. If you are willing to pay for a repair, please send the unit to the company address, and please add a letter with the instructions for my employees!

  • This was a really hard one to diagnose - the shop staff could not make out an obviously-defective component, so it was directed to me - sorry for keeping you wait so long.

    To diagnose this card, I've made special logic versions that disable auto-configuration for memory, so it can be accessed in a memory monitor, but it's not used by the OS. After this was done, I could see that there was a mirror of 256k-pages, so there had to be something wrong with address line A18. I made yet another special version of the CPLD to change the multiplexed line (actually swapped A18 and A19 in the memory muxer), but the 256k page-mirroring stayed the same.

    This pointed to the A18 input signal of the CPLD not being seen properly by the CPLD. That's a real "first" for me, as usually output drivers of these CPLDs are defective, or the whole chip latches up, overheats and is therefore easy to diagnose.

    Long story short: After exchanging the CPLD, the 256k-mirrors were gone and the "normal" version of the CPLD code makes it work with all memory. Invoice sent - please check your eMail.

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