Rapid Road USB Fix Help

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  • U1 is a linear low-drop voltage regulator for 3.3V, compatible with LM1117-3.3. These hardly ever break. If you measure too-low voltage and the regulator gets really hot, it's more likely that the CPLD has a latch-up and needs replacement.

  • The Xilinx chip is a CPLD. A latch-up is happening if there's a power spike - either a short drop or a short over-shoot on the 5V rail. Some power supplies react like this when they are not prepared for hot-plug events.

  • Repair by a customer is not an advertised feature. However, we do offer repairs, and depending on the age of the unit, the repair can even be free. Just send the unit, make sure the warranty ID readable (silver sticker) so we can determine when it was shipped, and we'll take care of the rest.

  • But the cost to ship it will be very high.

    I wish i never bought it. This design is really terrible. I think that all the rapid roads will fail one day.

    Can you send me the Programmed CPLD, i"m more than capable of doing the repair myself. I'm a CE.

  • We only program the chips in-system. You'd have to pay for soldering, programming, then un-soldering the chip, which would not save you any money.

    Once again, user-serviceability is not an advertised feature. None of our products (and probably 99,99% of all other electronic products with comparable complexity) are user-servicable. If you believe that this is a reason to call it "terrible design", then so be it. However, next time please ask before you assume, and then you're disappointed because your un-backed assumption turns out to be false.

  • Hello,

    I'm not saying that its a bad design because of serviceability, I'm talking about how the CPLD can lock itself this way.

    Maybe more protection needed in the circuit design.

    Anyway, what is the address to send my unit to ?

    I will have to use a carrier to send my unit, the normal mail system here is terrible. This will cost me also.


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