Size of bolts used in the USB adapter

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  • I have a RapidRoad with the double USB adapter and I've come to mount it in the A1200 case and found the bolts aren't long enough to go through the case plastic and reach the captive nuts on the adapter. I've gone through my collection of miscellaneous nuts & bolts and I can find some that have the right thread but they're the same length so still too short to work.

    Is it possible you can tell me what size/pitch the bolts are so I can find some with a longer thread?

  • Errmm.. that's not "bolts", but simple screws with a thread that you also find on a wood screw. Just take a longer one with philips head and you're done. Totally unlike the bolts on a D-sub connector where you find all mixes of metric and UNC threads for the inner/outer thread.

  • Ah - OK; your version indeed looks different fromt he one that I've disassembled yesterday. We buy these accessories from DeLock, so versions may be different. Still, they are similar enough to say that a too-long-screw will only stick out the back, not causing any damage (other than widening the plastic a bit).

    The thread looks like a UNC thread, no "not metric" if you're from mainland Europe. For the screw head, I'd choose something big, so the force is distributed over the plastic; the German term would be "Flanschkopf", but I cannot find a translation for that. It's essentially a screw head with integrated washer, making the head even wider. You can of course add a washer between head and plastic to distribute the force and keep the screw from widening the hole.

    Anyway, please mind the prime directive of retro computing: Do not drill any additional holes into classic cases. If you do modifications like this, please check first if existing holes can be re-used. The "double" USB variant has been introduced so you can use it in place of one of the D-Sub connectors of the A1200. I've seen people who de-soldered the serial port and placed the two USBs there, but the parallel port will work just as good.

  • Thanks for the DeLock clue, I had a look on their website and found which looks like the part I have but doesn't give much detail, however I also found which is the USB 3.0 version with more pins but physically looks the same and the data sheet measurements seem to match, including that the screws are #4-40 UNC. The threads on mine I think are 3/16" long so I just need to find the next length up, either 1/4" or 5/16" should be enough extra thread.

    Normally I would agree with you about the case, however I got one of the new A1200 kickstarter cases as my old case was broken and very yellow and this has optional cutouts for the USB ports just to the right of the trapdoor and this double USB lines up perfectly with the holes.

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