Updated OS3.1 to 3.2 with floppy disks and now stuck in constant reboot cycle?

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  • install of OS3.2 went well with no issues. I'm now getting constant reboot with software failure screen and click left button.

    During the 3.2 install I used the A500 module disk and I assumed that with the built in 3.1 rom in the ACA500+ firmware would use Load Module to boot the new OS3.2 rom?

    Do I need to install the 3.2 rom into the ACA500+ firmware?

  • This *appears* to be a question for the ACA500plus, so it should be posted/moved into the sub-category Tobias

    We do not do OS3.2 support - please use the Hyperion support for answering questions like this. However, I'd indeed try to flash the 3.2 Kickstart file to the ACA500plus. Again, since we do not provice 3.2 support, you need to turn to external sources for the exact process. Our Wiki will describe all the tools that come with the ACA500plus to flash a Kickstart ROM file, just in case you don't know where to look for specific ACA500plus instructions.


  • Hi guys, so as per the wiki I updated to the latest menu (v0.141) ok but I don't see where it explains how to install a new rom file?

    Browsing the web I saw that you need to enable 'aca.resource' but with the new menu when I go into Expert Options there's a line crossing out aca.resource and also AUX CF slot and without these active I can't transfer the rom to the ACA500+

    update: never mind had to go into another screen other than Expert Mode where aca.resource wasn't crossed out and then OS3.2 booted up fine!

    update2: so OS3.2 botting up great now BUT I can't see my AUX-Cf card and my fast ram is only 24312?

    When I boot into expert mode again the AUC CF is crossed out??? Can anyone running OS3.2 let me know how to get rid of the cross outs so I can have access to my CF card and FastRam from the ACA500+

  • Hi,

    my setup is similar in that I use an ACA500+ and OS3.2. I also have an ACA1233n attached.

    First, please familiarize yourself with the options of the ACA500+ that are available through the expert menu.

    I would suggest you enter expert menu and define a new profile. Then, you could start with a basic setup that has almost everything switched off. One by one enable things to see if you can boot from either Floppy of CF.

    After starting a selected profile, keep the left mouse button pressed to get into the early startup menu and boot from floppy or CF.

    OS 3.2 works like a charm with the ACA500+

  • I'm currently not sure in how far the AUX port plays into it. Some points:

    - The latest menu version is 0.146. An improved installation procedure with regard to OS 3.2 has been added in this version. For this to work, it is also required to update the installer to version 1.5.

    - With this version, using a 3.2 ROM file is not required, as you can install OS 3.1 with our installer first, and then install OS 3.2 over it, all under 3.1 ROM. In fact this is the procedure I recommend, as it gives you an installation which is more flexible with regard to the ROM you are using: Both the resulting 3.1 and 3.2 systems can be used under both 3.1 and 3.2 ROM.

    - Another question would be which version of OS 3.2 you are using. The version we were testing against was 3.2.1.