Games & demos that recognizes the TC

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  • I think all ported games for the SuperCPU will take advantage of the TC.

    (There is a website dedicated to this subject, but i dont know if its allowed to put the URL here …, but its easy to google ;-)

    Some games like TestDrive will benefit, Some early 3d games are ported to the C64 to and only run on a accelerated c64 (doom, wolfenstein)

  • Interesting to read. Does the games that were made with SuperCPU in mind work out of the box with the TC64 ? I mean, does the game "see" the TC64 Turbo-ability just as if it was a SuperCPU plugged in ?

  • Also, keep in mind that the SCPU uses the 65816 CPU, which does NOT have the illegal opcodes of the 6510, but it does have some 16-bit operations that the 6510 does not have.

    This means that some software that was specifically written for the SCPU may even crash, because it attempts to activate 16-bit mode. That's, however, the minority of programs. Most of the SCPU programs use the "fast 6502" mode of the SCPU only. These will either just work out f the box, or they only require small patches.

    The "big plus" of the Chameleon turbo is that it emulates the 6502/6510 illegal opcodes. This is a "first" in the history of C64 accelerators, and it benefits just everything that was ever written for the C64. Take GEOS or the emulated "Printfox" cartridge for example: These become really worth working with, without changes to the existing software.

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