Indivision AGA mk3 - blue screen (Amiga 1200)

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  • Hello

    I have had Indivision AGA mk3 for some time in my Amiga 1200. I didn't use this image output, only standard.

    It's time to start using the image output from Indivision and here you will be surprised because the image is blue (picture below)

    I connected the Amiga to two TVs with PC / VGA inputs, changed the VGA cables and the same effect remained

    unchanged. Is it an Indivision hardware, software problem? Or maybe the TV sets do not support some standard,

    hence the visual effect? The most important thing for me is whether everything is OK from the Amiga and Indivision side,

    but I misunderstand it and the Amiga must be connected to a specific monitor via Indivision?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Of course, the image from the standard RGB output is correct.

    I have a high performance power supply connected so it's not a power issue.