LumaFix64 (or similar) on Reloaded Mk2?

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  • I noticed the Reloaded Mk2 has some very noticeable vertical lines and color bleeding compared to an original C64 (with the same VIC chip.) It differs depending on the VIC chip used and seems to almost expose any flaw in the vic that would maybe have gone unnoticed through an original machine with older technology inside. This is with s-video on both the video outputs.

    I read in another thread that LumaFix64 might damage the RMk2? Not that it would fit under the keyboard in my C64C case anyway.

    Does the RMk2 have any similar adjustment functionality to the LF64 board? If not, is there a board out there that will fit and not damage the RMk2?

  • I never wrote that there can be damage "per se" to the C64RMK2 with the Lumafix. I do remember that there was a customer who damaged his board because some tool dropped into the computer while it was running, causing a short.

    Haven't tried the Lumafix myself, so I an't answer your question in more detail.

  • OK thank you. I might try and make a chip relocator for the lumafix board.

    Is this something you are considering implementing in a mkIII, along with dual VIC-II for switching PAL/NTSC?

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