Chameleon V2 and installed cartridges

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  • Hi,

    Yesterday I received the Chameleon V2, what a great device!

    I tried to use several installed cartridges on the Cham2, but only the Action Reply V5 (retro replay) seems to work.

    Some boot into a normal C64 (KCS, Nordic Power), while for example the FC3 results in the bigger border with the bluescreen without text, like it's being resetted all the time.

    Some only give a blackscreen (stardos) and you have to powercycle the C64.

    Am I to early , are these cartridges still in beta?

    - Hans

  • No the cartridges work, but require the correct .crt or rom-image to be loaded. It sounds like you configured the slot to a certain type without loading the required rom. Only the retro-replay rom comes standard in the firmware. The others need to be loaded from sdcard.

  • As Peter said, the options in the Menu only change the "Hardware" of the emulated cartridges. We do not (and we can not, due to copyright) provide the software for them - you can either load it using the filebrowser, or configure the chameleon to load the images from sd-card at startup.

  • Hi HansK,

    I´m also new to TCv2, and this is what I have done, and worked for me:

    1.- Load FinalCartridge_III.crt (or whatever your FC3 image name is) file from FileBrowser and put it in Cartridge SLOT1.

    2.- Go to main menu and press "1". This will load Cartridge in slot 1. Check that FC3 is working

    3.- Press black button to go back to TC menu

    4.- Go to File Browser and navigate to "CHAM64" folder (you can pre-create it in the SD Card root dir).

    5.- Press F4 and Select Save ROM image

    6.- Write "slot1.rom" as the file name

    7.- Select "Cartridge Slot 1". TC dumps binary image of the cartridge to the file

    8.- Enable Boot options to tell TC to load files from Cham64 folder when booting. TC will load slot1.rom file into Cartridge slot 1 when booting.

    Reboot TC..... your FC3 Cartridge is loaded into TC and ready to use. Press 1 and check it works

    You can do the same for other cartridge slots....

    Hope it helps!!!

    BTW, this process should go into TC manual :)