ACA1230 and ACA1232 for repair

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  • Hello

    Next week i'll have in my hands two aca accelerators that are dead, can i send them to individual computers for repair?

    What steps i have to give for these to happen?

    Thanks in advance.

  • We can of course take a look at these old accelerators, but we generally have a strict time-limit where such a repair becomes non-economical.

    If you send them from outside Europe, be sure to declare the correct value, so customs won't give me a hard time.

  • Hi Jens,

    I have the same question, hope you don't mind me adding to Paulo's post.

    A long time ago I bought an ACA630 with the 'limited edition' 64MB/33MHz upgrade option from AmigaKit, and sadly it seems to have finally stopped working. I tried contacting AmigaKit for support - even though it's been a long time I thought they might at least advise me if I had any options - but no response.

    The two A600s I have tested it on are fine; 68000s have been resoldered to rule out 'microfractures', boards have fresh capacitors, and I use a modern PSU replacement, so I'm pretty confident ACA is dead - machine refuses to boot with it attached and no amount of cleaning/reseating has helped.

    Would I be able to send my accelerator to you for repair, too? I'm happy to pay for it if it's not too uneconomical, would really prefer a working ACA over looking for an alternative. I'm based in the UK.

    If yes, what's the best way to contact you to set this up?

    Thankyou, and Mfg,


  • The ACA630 was built on Altera CPLDs, which I did not continue to use after that design. If the CPLD is at fault, it would be a huge amount of work to get a development/programming system for the old Altera MAX7000 series up and running, so a repair can only be done economically if it's something simple, like clock generation or the socket that adapts the card to the 68000 CPU.

    In other words: We can take a look, but there's a chance that we have to give up on the card if the CPLD is at fault.

  • Thanks for the reply Jens,

    Understood re: the CPLD. If it was broken, I do have an Altera USB Blaster and Quartus setup that I use for programming Cyclone-based projects like the OSSC - would you be able to accommodate providing the binary contents of the CPLD so that I could try to replace it with a new one if you don't have the time?

    I'd still like to send it to you at least for a diagnosis if that's okay - shall I just send to to your address with a covering letter?



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