P96 on TF1260 with native.lha

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  • The "native" driver is part of the P96 package, no need to get the old one from Aminet. I don't know of the TF1260 has sufficient performance to chip ram, but yes, GFX buffer will then be located in fastmem. The bottleneck will be to get the frame buffer data over to chip ram, as that's where it'll be displayed from. You'll still have a pretty slow WB if you choose 256 colours, and it'll be faster with fewer colours.

    The upcoming V3.3.0 version of P96 has further optimizations in the C2P routines, but again, performance data will vary depending on chip ram access speed of your accelerator.

  • Thanks for the quick answer. I've just downloaded the driver from your page and installed it on OS 3.2.1

    I did not choose a graphics card as I have none, the installation was successful. However, I do not have any new monitor files in Devs/Monitors. Do I have to copy something there in order to activate it?

  • I'll attempt making such an installation on one of my systems some time this week - won't be able to do that today. I know it does work, as it's been a huge deal in one of our updates to keep the Amiga chipset activated.

  • You should at least see an improvement when moving large open windows - this should show a noticeable improvement, as there are only writes to chip ram, but no reads from it; reading is only done from fastmem, which is orders of magnitude faster.

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