P96 Screen Switching Issue

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  • I've been seen some screen switching issues as noted in EAB forum: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=105576&page=20. I had some issue with CVisionPPC and PIV (as well as CVisionPPC and ZZ9000) but to remove any complications of the CVisoinPPC or ZZ9000, I did a comparison by only installing a CVision64 and a PIV card in my A4000T (all other graphic cards removed -- no CVIsionPPC installed and no ZZ9000). DISPLAYCHAIN=YES for PIV and DISPLAYCHAIN=NO for CV64. Then I did these experiments. This is not hitting exactly the same kind of case for the other combos but I do see issue in 1 case:

    Note that WB=workbench screen

    1) WB CV64 screen --> create PIV RTG screen. Good swapping back and forth between screens

    2) WB PIV screen --> create CV64 RTG screen. Good swapping back and forth between screens

    3) WB CV64 screen --> create Hires Laced. 1st time swap, flickerfixer on PIV output good. On 2nd and subsequent times, no flickerfixer output on PIV (black). If I again create PIV RTG, and then do Hires laced, it recovers first time and I see flickerfixer output. Subsequent times no flickerfixer output.

    4) WB CV64 screen, keep a 2nd PIV RTG screen open, then open up a 3rd HiresLaced screen. I can swap back and forth between them and all is okay.

    As mentioned in EAB forum Thor has an idea and can give a beta for me to check but need approval of my purchase.

  • Please report the exact version of P96, the resolutions you're using, the CPU/memory config of the machine and of course the OS version. Since this is an A4000T - is the on-board SCSI in use, and what's the Buster version? All this may contain valuable information.

  • This is P96 3.2.4 on AmigaOS3.2.1.with 3.2 ROMs.

    CyberStormPPC/060 Accelerator from Phase5

    Icomp X-surf and RapidRoad

    Memory: 2MB chip, 16MB Motherboard fast, and 128MB on PPC/060

    I'm using the onboard IDE (CD-ROM + 1 HD) and Phase5 SCSI (1 HD). At the moment I don't have anything hooked up to the on-board SCSI. It should have Buster rev 11. The A4000T is a 5/7/96 manufacturing date (think this was QuickPak manufactured?)

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