X-surf + RapidRoad

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  • This is known a very well known fact that RapidRoad, due to lack of power (or something), is very sensitive if to connect to it something "live" (or "hot", if you like) but what about RR connected to X-Surf-100? Can I plug USB drive in live w/o the worry that everything will burn in smoke? :-)

  • The rule on the street I have always heard is to plug in an actual USB hub (with external power) to the board's interface. Use the hub for situations where hot plugging of devices is needed, or where power draw may be higher. Use the main USB connection point for low power connections and those you don't need to hot-plug.

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  • Power and ground (especially ground) is MUCH better on the X-Surf-100. Make sure that the screw for the metal bracket is tightened to the case, and the case/mainboard screws are all installed. This will ensure proper ground. If you then only use the USB connectors on the X-Surf-100 card (not a contraption that uses the pin header on RapidRoad), you're safe.

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