Flash core: no full screen on workbench !

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  • Good morning, a year ago I bought an Indivision AGA MK2. everything good. Today starting the config tool 1.5 and flashing the firmware: the workbenck (3.1) is no longer full-screen. I used a super interlaced high resolution PAL and my LCD monitor could self-regulate so much that I had a perfect view without gouging. Now the same resolution is smaller and the characters are almost illegible. I tried without success even with other resolutions. Can someone help me ?

  • If the factory setting of the unit was OK with that monitor, you should unpack the archives (both the cores and the config tool) again and install it with the included shell-scripts. After this has been done, the factory configuration is on your harddisk again.

    To get this factory config back into your Insivision AGA MK2, please start the tool and choose "reflash all" from the drop-down menu (press and hold the right mouse button, then choose from the top bar of the screen, release the right mouse button when the pointer is over that drop-down menu).

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