How to best simulate x-surf 500 on WinUAE

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  • Hello dears,

    One of the nicest features I like from my ACA500+ is the confortable access to my CF card where I got installed WB 3.2 plus lot of other stuff. I often switch this card with my Win10 laptop, where I have WinUAE installed, which I also use for experiments and for installing software. One thing I wasn't able to reproduce on WinUAE is the X-surf 500 card which I use to navigate on my real Amiga. How could I have the network card config working also when I work in WinUAE? Should I also be able to mount the iComp folder over there?

    Thanks for answers,


  • Should I also be able to mount the iComp folder over there?

    I'm not an expert on emulators ('cause I don't use them), but if you got basic networking going (i.e. can ping your nearest gateway), mounting the iComp drive should also work in an emulator. It's using the Samba implementation that's also available on Aminet, just over an obscure port, so internet providers don't filter it out by default.

  • We're not doing support for emulators. :-)

    Just kidding, and since you already bought an x-surf-500, here it goes:

    For *UAE incarnations, enable bsdsocket.library emulation. Then you don't need a TCP/IP stack installation or network configuation anymore. The emulated Amiga then simply participates in its host computer's network configuration. You can of course use all services then, including mounting the iComp share. Try using our 'Network' configuration tool (without starting TCP/IP another time), or fiddle the smbfs command line from the 'Mount iComp' icon and excute it manually.

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