Shipping option "Parcel One" temporarily disabled

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  • Due to too many open cases of lost and immensely delayed parcels (over two months), we decided to temporarily not offer Parcel One as shipping option starting today. We don't want our customers to wait for available products for extended periods of time. As soon as Parcel One has sorted out their problems, we will re-enable Parcel One in our shop system.

  • Parcel One claims that the root cause of the delays was transfer of customs data, mainly to US destinations. Most of the US parcels have already reached the final carrier "DHL eCommerce", which works with USPS locally. Since P1 can't mess this up any more, I would not worry too much. Just follow that tracking-system-rabbit hole (from P1 to Landmark to DHL ecommerce to USPS) and you'll see that the last parcel is scheduled to be delivered on December 6th, 2021.

    Totally different picture with shipments to Australia: There are currently five where P1 claims they have reached the destination country and even give a tracking number for Auspost. However, those tracking numbers have not been scanned in the country yet. These open cases account for too much money - I had to do something to limit possible losses.

  • Totally different picture with shipments to Australia: There are currently five where P1 claims they have reached the destination country and even give a tracking number for Auspost. However, those tracking numbers have not been scanned in the country yet.

    This is exactly where I'm at, and have been since the 16th. I can only wait and see at this point.

  • According to Parcel One, all these shipments to Australia have really reached Australia, but AusPost is *claiming* haven't, because otherwise, people would see who's at fault. Now that's some pointing fingers - anyway, just wanted to let you know what the guy from P1 told me when he called me today. I'm not going to tell you how... "polite" he was, trying to convince me that I need them, and it couldn't be in my best interest...

    I yet have to understand why they called me. Convince me to re-activate P1 in our shop? Make sure there is no written proof of the claim that AusPost is allegedly giving false information in their tracking system?

  • I'm sure it'll turn up eventually. When? That's the big question. Australia Post had a very large backlog long before the Christmas rush, so we'll see.

    I've waited 30+ years for this, so another few weeks won't kill me.

  • Fresh information from Parcel One, relayed to me about 20 minutes ago. They got a reply from Landmark, which is the company that they shipped it with:


    "The transport goes via Singapore who experience a delay in handling transit transports. Also the FIFO rule isn't followed for the transit transports.

    And also the postal partner of Australia is experiencing delays in the delivery of items. I will continue to monitor this item and will keep you immediately informed as soon as we receive new information"

    So the story has now changed: The parcels are really not in Australia yet, and the (current) culprit is the Singapore service company that is supposed to transport the parcels to Australia. It's getting a bit more plausible now, but I'm still disappointed that I was openly lied to on the phone when they called (and yelled at) me on Friday.

  • Huh.

    Interestingly, just yesterday the tracking status changed from the limbo it was in to the tracking being acknowledged by Australia Post (yay!) and them telling me that as of right this second, the parcel is


    Cleared and awaiting international departure

    BRUSSELS (BE), BELGIUM we'll see, I guess. They're not wrong that Australia post is "experiencing delays", but that doesn't matter too much yet if it's still in Belgium. :)

  • Possible to turn this option back on for Canada? I am not willing to use UPS due to high brokerage costs. Their costs are as high as 40% of the order value when it arrives here.

    DHL is also a disaster to Canada. All of these courier companies charge very large "brokerage fees" with other fees added on to import to Canada. The only reasonable option from Europe is postal service. Deutsche Post works very well for me. Canada Post is very reliable at this end, and most of the time does not charge a fee. If they do it is only $9 plus the applicable tax. UPS is ALWAYS minimum $40 plus the tax. I simply refuse to use their service.

  • Possible to turn this option back on for Canada?

    I am currently waiting for ParcelOne to clear up the long back log of lost parcels. If I turned this on for Canada now, I fear that you won't have your stuff before February. I would not mind if you don't, but the problem in online business is that people want at least working tracking. If the parcels appear lost like so many do at this point, people can just open PayPal cases, and get their money back. I have no way of stopping the parcel then, so people will have the goods for free, and I'm losing three times: I lose the goods, shipping cost and a conflict-fee that PayPal charges.

    I still consider ParcelOne a viable partner, but I may have to switch off the combination of PayPal and ParcelOne in the shop system due to the extreme transit times and poor service from them when things go wrong. In the just-over-one year that we've worked with ParcelOne, there was a high rate of lost parcels and an even higher rate of customers wanting to know for sure that the item was shipped properly. This causes a huge amount of work for us: I should be developing, not answering eMails of customers who are dissatisfied with their choice of shipping carrier.

    Next problem I have with ParcelOne is that they do not accept larger parcels like the ones with the C64c cases. No matter how small we pack them, it won't go into any of their allowed max. size. So UPS is really the only way we can get the C64c cases to Canada.

  • I will patently wait for Parcelone to be turned back on for my next order. There really is just no other affordable way to receive the goods here! I understand your frustration. My last order came very quickly within 2 weeks, and arrived without any fees. I was quite happy with the order.

  • Other "lost" parcels to the US, Switzerland, Australia and Sweden are now also surfacing/re-appearing in tracking. One of the open cases (the USA case) is even closed, as the parcel was delivered.

  • Good news then!

    International shipping always gets hit with delays around Christmas. I have a UK air shipment that took 2 weeks to land here (Canada), which is normally 3 days.

  • As a data point, if I were solely relying on the Parcel.One tracking webpage to determine the location of my package, I would still be waiting for it to become "out for delivery', despite receiving it nearly a week ago.