Question about my AGA MK2

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  • Hi All,

    This afternoon I received the Indivision AGA MK2cr that I bought from ebay. I installed it and ran in to the problem that the picture of the Indivision starts in the middle of the screen and now my amiga screen is located on the right half of my 16:9 monitor. Is this because I need to tweak the firmware with software that I must download here, or is it broken.

    The monitor is connected to DVI, but when I tell my monitor to auto-adjust the screen it says its not possible. I also can not move the Indivision screen to the left or the right.

    Another thing I noticed: my card has 22 pins next to the LISA cap. I don't recall I ever saw them on pictures on the internet. What are they for?

    Thanks for your input!

  • Those pins were intended to make the same unit work on an adapter board for other computers. Obviously, this never happened.

    Please download and install the config tool and the latest cores. Start the tool and choose "reflash all" from the drop-down menu. This will bring it into factory default setting with a 1280x1024 setting. Start configuring from that point.

  • Ok, will do that but that will be quite a challenge. I have ordered a PCMCIA adapter + CF from Vesalia so I could transfer data from a PC to the Amiga. That order already takes two weeks. Benchmarking it with a package from the United States that arrived after one week....

    Jens, by the way: I appreciate that you'r still delivering hardware for the Amiga community. I am eagerly awaiting a decent 1260. Prices on ebay or other places are way over the top.

  • If you already have a networking card for the Amiga A1200, our AmiTCP installation disk may be a quicker solution. It allows mounting the "iComp drive", making a virtual harddrive available with all iComp-related software.

    I'll put that install disk up for sale (pay-what-you-want download, same as the P96 archive) early next week.

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