Individual Computer Store ECS V3 order Error

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  • Hi,

    I went to order 2 x ECS V3's from the Store and was told I reached my limit of 3. I don't believe I ordered any ECS V3's. I have ordered a few V1 and V2's in the past. Even if I set the order to 1, I am told I have ordered the max allowable 3 units.


    Allan V.

  • I ordered and recieved 2x ECS V3s recently and also 1x ECS V2 in the past. I went into the shop just now and added 1 ECS V3. That went fine. Then I added two and got the message that I could only order 1.

    This was only a test. I was not actually ordering. So I don't know if it counts all the scandoublers ordered in the past or if you can order a total of 3 for each version. If it was 3 for each version then Drewlio77 shouldn't get this message. Also, if he ordered 2x ECS V1 and 1x ECS V2 in the past that would equal to 3. I could still add another ECS V3 even if I already bought 2x ECS V3s recently and 1x ECS V2 from the shop in the past. So that makes it 4.

    So most likely a bug in the shop I should think.

  • Looks like the shop system is counting V1 and V2, as I just made a copy of the product data and edited it. The stock system seems to look at a different ID than the "SKU". Got to put that on the long to-do list of the shop...

    As a workaround, you should be able to order without login (hoping that the re-calculation of thumbnails won't kill that attempt).

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