PAL Vic II chip drop in not working

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  • I had an NTSC setup that was working fine, except for the screen scramble issue. I purchased a PAL vic II chip and dropped it in and all I get is a greyscale screen and no cursor are there other chips I need to replace to run a pal setup? I have a PAL compatible SONY pvm

  • I can only guess this is about the C64RMK2 - please post in the correct subforum :)

    Same advice as before... wiggle the IC in the Socket a bit, the pins are corroded eventually.

    Also, no cursor may be a sign of bad CIA1 - perhaps swap the CIAs against each other. If you DO get a cursor with the NTSC VICII you have, then this PAL VICII might be bad.

    Please also tell what the output of the remote menu says under chip detection