Micromys V5 Intermittent Functionality

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  • Totally agree on the China thing, it's fun explaining you want to pay more, not less, but you have quality requirements.
    Some factories love that, others still don't get it. :)

    Testing is automatic, but I've been in the meetings in North American semiconductor manufacturing. where we eliminate tests to save money...it happens every day... and on a $0.10 chip, I'd just assume there is an inrush current, steady state current and some sort of heart-beat verification and then on to the next chip, as fast a test as possible. And I strongly doubt the presence of AECQ101 lot testing, or any corner lot testing. This is not TSMC its mainland China fab'd.

  • And I strongly doubt the presence of AECQ101 lot testing,

    Granted - couldn't think of an "automotive" requirement for a mouse sensor :-)

    However, knowing that you can buy an 8051 MCU in 8-pin package, fully tested and with worldwide unique ID programmed, for 3 cents US, it means that at least testing 8 bonding wires and pre-programming a few flash cells is possible for such a low price, including a profit for all involved parties: Fabless chip designer, chip manufacturer, bonding/package service. And for an additional few fractions of a cent, you can have your 1k code pre-programmed - which is still under the price of the cheapest NE555 variant around.

    I can think of lots of things that one can add for another 7 cents, especially if you know that such a sensor will be used in really high volume.