Question: ACA1221LC PCMCIA and AmigOS 3.2

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  • hello,

    many people write that OS 3.2 removed support for PCMCIA if more that 4mb ram is present. Does this affect ACA1221LC?

    I now use it with 3.1.4 and full ram available.

    I wonder if I upgrade to 3.2 will all ram be still available?

    Thank you.

  • To my knowledge, it only affects the ACA1211, but not the ACA1221lc, as the external CPU can truly hide a memory access from the main board, so the bug in the Gayle chip is not triggered.

    I wonder if I upgrade to 3.2 will all ram be still available?

    I haven't heard anything else. Timm is the only one within iComp who has tried OS3.2, but he did very extensive tests especially with regard to the IDE speeder under OS3.2. He would have reported if either memory or PCMCIA did not work, as he's a very avid network user.

  • The question was a bit the other way round, about memory.

    Yes, PCMCIA network works, IDE speeder works, and the amount of memory isn't reduced.

    1. # showconfig
    2. PROCESSOR: CPU 68020/FPU n/a/MMU n/a
    3. CUSTOM CHIPS: AGA PAL Alice R2 (ID=$0023), AGA Lisa (ID=$00F8)
    4. VERS: Kickstart version 47.96, Exec version 47.7, Disk version 47.2
    5. RAM: Node type $A, Attributes $105 (FAST), at $200000-$9FFFFF 8.0MB
    6. Node type $A, Attributes $105 (FAST), at $A80000-$BEFFFF 1472 K
    7. Node type $A, Attributes $705 (FAST), at $C00000-$D7FFFF 1.5MB
    8. Node type $A, Attributes $703 (CHIP), at $4000-$1FFFFF ~2.0MB
    9. BOARDS:
    10. Board + ROM (HD?) (unidentified): Prod=4626/24($1212/$18) (@$E90000 64KB)