BUG: NetSurf not starting anymore with Picasso96 3.1.2 (Picasso96API.library 2.390)

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  • My system: WinUAE 4.x.x Zorro 3 gfx board emulation with 512MB VRAM, OS3.9, P96 3.1.2

    Site http://ami-soft.blogspot.com/

    NetSurf files: http://netsurf.baderman.net/netsurf-m68k.lha + updated exe http://netsurf.baderman.net/NetSurf.zip

    on AmigaOS3.9 doesn't work anymore with error:

    Unable to set video: No video mode large enough for 820x600

    Unable to initialise framebuffer

    I think the only things I changed since I run it (and was still working) were: AmiSSL 4.10 (Aminet), and P96 3.1.2 update.

    I reported to NetSurf author and he told me to ask to P96 devs...


    Rolling back to old 2.377 and Picasso96_old/ subdir make NetSurf start fine again.

    File differences with previous working version:


  • First of all, please make sure that there is no uaegfx.chip file any more in your installation - we can't support that, and it's not needed any more since a couple of years.

    Further, 512MB VRAM is quite huge, and if you want to open a screen on P96, the same size is required in Fastmem, so you need to configure emulation in a way that it has lots of fastmem (shouldn't be a problem these days).

    If you can make it work by only rolling back to the previous version, you most likely have these points covered - still, please check the uaegfx.chip file and delete it if you find it.

  • I have those points covered:

    - no LIBS:Picasso96/uaegfx.chip, as you can see from the picture above

    - no prob with mem where I set 256-512MB in WinUAE

    Yes, just rolling back to old LIBS:picasso96API.library + LIBS:Picasso96/ old sub-libs solves the issue with NetSurf.

    It should be reproducible as I've tested this even on OS3.9 and OS3.2 fresh install HDfile...

  • Give me some time though because I've seen some strange behaviour in my sys after installing new beta, so I still have to proof check it's not been introduced by P96...