Would A2048 work without any RAM chips onboard?

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  • I had to desolder my RAM chips from the motherboard because I tried a different chip RAM mod which unfortunately caused problems for me. Therefore I'm planning to buy your A2048 trapdoor expansion but I'm wondering if I have to solder the original RAM chips back in or if I can leave U20, U21, U22 and U23 empty (and without the capacitors next to them), as it says on A2048 wiki page that the onboard RAM has to be deactivated anyway?

  • Yes, this will work. If you have the Rev.8 board, then you already have the 2M-type 8375 Agnus. The A2048 will give you 2M chip ram in that case, after you have performed the mods described in this article. You can take a short cut on Step#4 if the on-board RAM chips are missing: You can skip the two "link" wires, as these only pull the CAS lines for the RAM chips high, which de-activates them.

    I think it's even beneficial to the Amiga if you remove these RAM chips, as they will continue to consume power, even if de-activated: They still get the RAS signal, so they perform a refresh, consuming power and producing heat in the process.