NTSC Video Issue After C64R MK2 is Powered On For Extended Time

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  • Jens, I finally got the system to glitch again: I am starting to think the VIC is the issue, here. When the system finally glitched, the VIC chip was too hot to touch. Both the PLL chip and the FPGA were no warmer than any other time.

    So honestly, I think this is mostly a case of heat buildup from the location of the VIC under the keyboard. So at this point, rather than blame this on an electrical fault with the Reloaded board, I'm thinking this is an issue caused by an overheating video chip. I don't think there's anything you can be expected to do about an overheating VIC, and I'm not using the system now anyway, since my Ultimate got here. I'll probably just end up selling off the parts so other people can resurrect their failed systems. =)

    Also, your explanation about the power issue with the WiModem has convinced me that the WiModem just isn't compatible, and so I'm going to try to get an RR-Net on my Ultimate instead.

    So at this point, I don't need to pursue this any further. Thank you. :)

  • I, however, am still experiencing this with two different VIC-II chips. I am willing to send everything over (case, C64R with chips, power supply) and even a LCD TV if it will help. Please let me know.

  • We're experiencing severe delays on incoming shipments due to overloaded customs. Yes, I still need a unit for review, but we should wait until the Xmas rush is over, so the guys at customs are a bit easier to talk to. Meanwhile, I can offer to send you a Commodore power supply, so you can check if the issue is different with that (or even disappears).

  • Hi Jens I replied earlier in this thread and am also experiencing the "NTSC Video Issue After C64R MK2 is Powered On For Extended Time" issue.

    I have multiple NTSC chips and the issues presents on all of them.

    I have finally purchased a PAL VIC chip and was able to confirm that issue does not present with the PAL chip installed. I can (and have) run the system for hours with no issues using a PAL VIC chip.

    Regarding Power Supply: I was pretty sure my power supply was solid but just to be sure I purchased a (very expensive) ATOM from Commodore4Ever who guarantees <100 ripple

    Even with thew new power supply, the NTSC VIC chips continue to present issues after an extended period of time.

    Also, I don't *just* get video issues. I get CIA-related issues as well ... keyboard / joystick input, CIA data transfer, cartridge buttons have all presented along with video glitches (again but only with NTSC VIC installed)

    I am not sure if its best to deal with my support issue here in this thread or to start a new one - Please advise.

    Thank you,

    -David Farrell

  • Let's keep it all in this thread, as the issue appears to be all the same: At NTSC frequency, the PLL does not appear to be stable. However, I'd like to do the test with a Commodore 12V PSU with at least one of you before we attempt to modify the external PLL components.

    Does anyone of you have an oscilloscope?

  • Hi Jens thanks for the reply.

    I'm sorry I don't have an O-Scope nor am I very skilled in electronics -- I do some lightweight soldering and tinkering but not much more.

    I am happy to help any way I can tho ... If you'd like me test a firmware update or run some diag tools, etc. I'd be happy to.

    I don't own a full C64 test harness but hope to get one soon.

    Thanks again.


  • Jens ,

    I have just sent the information you requested in an email. Sorry for the delay, I've been busy between the holidays and work.

    You recently asked if any of us has an oscilloscope. Unfortunately, I do not.