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  • Has anyone else here got optimal OSSC settings dialled in for the main c64 core? The main things I'm running into are:

    1. Aspect ratio correction having to be done on the display despite the fact it seems like other systems going into the OSSC can have corrected aspect coming out of the OSSC.

    2. Blurriness/bleeding on some of the colour output.

    3. Dialing in sync timings has been mostly guesswork for me at the moment and I'm kind of looking for a sanity check on if it's just me.

    I know this stuff is part OSSC related at least but if anyone else here has already managed to deal with these things in combination with the TCv2 I figured I'd check. And chances are that I'll look into asking on OSSC focused places as well anyway (though I think they will likely be asking about sync timings and stuff as part of troubleshooting so timing info would still possibly help in the long run).

  • 3. Dialing in sync timings has been mostly guesswork for me at the moment and I'm kind of looking for a sanity check on if it's just me.

    Optimal timings on the side of the ossc would result in a integer scaled/pixel perfect image. But you probably won’t get that at this time from the TC as it itself scales the image via nearest neighbor, but not in integers, I assume. The result are not perfectly even pixels. Higher resolutions lower the visibility of this effect.

    Which resolution does your TC output to the OSSC?

    Timm What ist the exact framebuffer size of the C64 core? Is there already a resolution that offers integerscaling? Would it be possible to enable an option like that?

    How about offering an output resolution that exactly matches the size of the framebuffer without any scaling and with a 15kHz refresh?(I also noticed that lower resolutions give me less problems with smearing colors, like the yellow background/ blue text does so heavily)

  • The Mode preset is 720p60, IMode is 666-p 72.18Hz in the "800x600 72hz" output mode on the TCv2.

    so what should I set the output res at for good results with the OSSC?

  • This is the mode table that should give you all info needed:

    The scaler in Chameleon is really simple, so actually a lot of modes are using integer scaling.

    I'd try the 800x600 or 720x576 modes at 50Hz first

  • Mea culpa, then it isn´t the scaling.

    So with 768x576 the image gets cropped before being scaled?

    I really wonder, how the Chameleon would look like through the OSSC in a 400x300 15kHz Mode.

    This is how the C0pperdragon YPbPr mod looks like with 288p x4 on the OSSC, no other settings changed:

    This is how the TCv2 looks like with 576p x2 on the OSSC, no other settings changed:

    In both cases the scaling of the Monitor is disabled.

  • With certain cores, like the minimig core for TC64/TC64 V2 you can disable the scandoubler and run at 15KHz. However, I found the picture is still soft with a bit of ghosting on the right side of objects for my two TC64 V2s. So I think this is as good as it gets.

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