IR Bandwidth

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  • Out of curiosity -- what is the maximum theoretical bandwidth on the IR port if one was to have some fun with it and use it for something else than the CDTV remote ;-)
    For instance file transfer to something external. Are we talking just a few kB/sec or are we in the hundreds of kb/sec area ?

    For instance: If two TC's is placed beside eachother and wants to link games :D (I am just brainfartin here)

  • In theory you can transfer some hundred(s) kB/sec via IR if i remember correctly - however hte IR reciever in the chameleon isnt really set up for high speed transfers, and it can only recognize the CDTV protocoll. It's also just a reciever, so linking two chameleons that way can not work - using IEC for this is a much better idea (and it will then even work with real C64s)

  • Ah, yes -- I did not know it was only capable to do RX. Ok -- I'll put the idea to rest :D

    The IEC indeed is working fantastically in the latest minimig core with a NodeMCU and 57k6bps serial speed for internet connection. Use it daily :)