Strange behaviour on F11/black and F12/white buttons

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  • Hi. In latest core version for the TC, when I click F11 once I get back to Cham main menu. But if I HOLD F11 for a few seconds --- nothing happens. Bug ?

    If I press F12 once it freezes into cartridge (no problem there) but if I HOLD F12 for a few seconds and release it, it also goes back to Cham main menu (almost like pressing F11 is the same as holding F12 for a few secs).

    I know there is something in the manual about holding down longer than 0.7seconds but this double-functoinality of F11 and F12 almost looks like a bug since there is overlapping functions here.


  • Not sure what the question is, it sounds like expected behaviour. The left button (F11 on the PS/2 Keyboard) can be configured for various things, and "enter menu system" is the default. See 6.4.12 in the User Manual :)

  • Sorry, I will try to rephrase:

    1. Clicking F11 or Black button = Go To Cham Main Menu

    2. Holding F11 or Black button for a few seconds then releasing it = No function

    3. Clicking F12 or White button = Freeze

    4. Holding F12 or White button for a few seconds then releasing it = Go to Cham Main Menu

    It is behaviour 1 and 4 in the list above I am referring to as they do the same thing with default button config in the menu.