ACA500 Plus Boot CF Disk Activity LED

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  • Hi IComp team.

    Is there any way in which you could connect up an external LED to the ACA500 Plus Boot CF Slot to show disk activity mimicking exactly what the little white LEDs do currently? Are there any points on the board that you could run wires to and would any resistors need adding to the circuit?

    An example of this might be to replace the Floppy LED on an A500 so that instead of it flashing when the floppy is being accessed (who uses floppies anymore right?) it would flash when the CF cards are being accessed.



  • There are no special solder points, other than the LED contacts. There's at least one more thread in this forum where I answered this, and the customer reported success, if I remember right.

  • Might have been in the German part of this forum - too lazy to search now. If you really need assistance finding two solder spots on an LED, you might want to re-consider if you really want to go forward with this mod.

  • Hey Jens,

    I managed to successfully remove the existing LED, but in doing so also lifted the top pad (furthest in from the PCB edge).

    Is there another point I can solder this connection to in order to finish my project? I’m assuming that the two pads were signal and ground, so it’s the signal connection I need as the Ground connection is and connected.


  • Here's the signal trace highlighted in the CAD system - a jumper wire from R3 might help. The other side is "Vcc", so directly connected to the 5V supply of the host computer.

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