Indivision MK3 and FlashFloppy OSD

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  • Indivision AGA MK3 gets it's picture data directly from Lisa. Anything that happens on the analogue-out (which is where I believe that OSD is mixed in) will not show on any of the MK3 outputs (neither VGA, nor HDMI).

  • ah yeah a couple of minutes after I've posted I've found a similar thread on your German version of the forum.. Not a big thing however it would be a nice feature.

    I know they do some magic with the HDMI RPI solutions out there to get OSD on the HDMI output.

  • Whatever "magic" that is - we just don't have a separate data path into the flicker fixer. Yes, there is one unused IO pin that's even exposed at the back (=top when installed) of the PCB, but it's far from likely that we can fit a serial protocol für an additional OSD line (or two) in the FPGA. Even if we could - the FlashFloppy thing would also have to be updated. With currently-reduced R&D capacity (sick leave) at iComp, I don't see that happening short-term.