Amiga O.S. 3.1.4 with X-Surf500

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  • Hi all,

    I am trying to install the network with my ACA500+ on O.S. 3.1.4 but the installation fails because it does load kickstart 3.1 and not kickstart 3.1.4 witch is in the flash memory of the ACA500+

    I tried to install it on O.S. 3.1 and then the installation goes perfectly!

    Is there a way to install it on O.S. 3.1.4?

    Best regards,

    Erik B.

  • Hi, I installed 3.1.4 using the standard way on the aca500+, just load the kickstart 3.1.4 in the aca500 rom then, using f10 tell to the aca to use that rom as kickstart, save the config and press enter to start. Using the floppy or a gotek now you can install the 3.1.4 easily.