ACA1221lc PCMCIA memory overlay

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  • Good day,

    I'm using now old 030 accelelator M-tec Viper 1230/28 with 8Mb fast ram. After AmigaOS 3.2 update, my PCMCIA network card is not working (after disabling 4mb of ram is ok).

    My cuestion is if ACA1221lc has the same issue? addresses memory in the pcmcia range ?

    I was looking for information but did not find it.

    Ti1230/128 /28 230/28

  • Timm needs to test this. I know that OS3.2 will switch off the PCMCIA slot for the ACA1211, but I don't know how it's handled for the ACA1221lc. On the hardware side, the ACA1221lc takes all precautions to not interfere with the PCMCIA slot, but I currently don't have any information about leaving PCMCIA active for networking cards.

    Memory cards will most certainly not work, and CF cards won't either. We will therefore only test with networking cards.

  • This has been tested already.

    Our findings are that all our current cards, ACA1233n, ACA1221lc, ACA1211, do work with OS3.2 in an A1200 including PCMCIA network adapter. I am constantly testing PCMCIA networking because I use it myself.

    There are issues with PCMCIA with the ACA1211 under OS3.1.4. The obvious remedy here is to insert the card during the first boot-up, or to re-insert it later.

    Also there is a certain degree of finickiness in different PCMCIA cards - they can behave slightly different, even if they are the same model. The "best" cards I have always go online instantly at power-up - a few others sometimes require that I start the network a second time.

    I use cnet, cnet16 and 3c589 based cards for testing.

  • The ACA1233n does not need any "keep PCMCIA" option, as it does not have any conflict with PCMCIA (large memory chunk is outside the 24-bit area). So whatever is wrong, it's not the card. This sounds like a case for the OS3.2 support team.

  • I have 1233n and use PCMCIA CF adapter. After clean OS 3.2 install PCMCIA is not working anymore and ACATOOL has Keep PCMCIA option grayed out.

    I cannot reproduce problems. It's working fine here with an ACA1233n at 40MHz, OS3.2, Kick47 ROM File option, and both a 3c589 and cnet16 card.

  • In case it helps, I also have a similar setup: A1200, ACA1233n @55Mhz, OS3.2. KickStart 47 in ROM and I have no problems with my PCMCIA adapters.

    sadzak Sorry if this is a silly question but have you reinstalled the compact flash and Fat95 drivers etc. after your clean install?

  • Not a stupid question. No I did not. I have looked into Storage/DosDrivers and there is no driver to add (original OS had something like CCO device to add). I dod not need it with previous versions I have used. I wa sthinkig to add it manually anyway.