New shipping option: UPS

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  • Our current shipping partners have caused a rising number of valid complaints from our customers. Further, Covid-19 related restrictions and added fees are taken away in a much too slow manner. We have therefore decided to get the premium brand UPS on board: For a small added fee, they promise much better service.

    We're introducing the new services step by step, starting with the "Standard"-service for Germany and central Europe. In the coming weeks, we will add countries for which customs papers need to be completed, so the C64 cases can be shipped outside Europe as well.

    The final step will be to add the "express" services. Due to our location close to the airport that UPS is using, a "next day"-Service for North America is supposedly possible.

  • Hi Jens.

    I hope you are safe and well.

    I’m trying to order online and live in Australia and have $999 shipping cost.

    Can you please advise if I can order and have the items shipped to Australia.

    I have ordered before and had no problems.



  • We've inserted a "blocker" for Australia and most other overseas countries because DHL is only offering the worst-possible service with 60 days transit time, no chance to start an inquiry before several weeks have passed, and even worse: If those 60 days have passed, inquiries are not possible any more. The chance of a parcel getting lost and insurance not being liable is extremely high.

    So if the shop currently does not offer ParcelOne, the parcel is either too heavy, too large (C64c cases?) or too valuable (ParcelOne only allows max. 500,- EUR).

    Like I wrote in this news item, we will introduce the UPS services step by step. UPS delivers worldwide with almost no restrictions.

  • Hi,

    I was trying to place an order to the United States and I was wondering if there were any updates to when shipping would be available again.

    Thank you!

  • We're still not there yet with the electronic customs information transfer to UPS - working on it. I'm keen on completing this, as we see a considerable difference in sales between Europe and countries where customs papers are required. Since the two other shipping options don't cover it all, many people appear to hold off with their purchases.

    Bear with us!

  • Almost - we're at a point where UPS is allowing us to register for digital invoicing, which is required for the rest of the digital paperwork. Not sure when we can take the next step.

  • Is there an update on the shipping to USA/Canada?
    If you have the ability to use UPS and are still figuring out the integration with your system, how hard is it to process the documents manually? If it is a cost thing (as said in other posts), how much is it? At the moment cutting costs means nothing when there is no sales. Is the cost of filling out paperwork that prohibitive?

  • how hard is it to process the documents manually?

    You don't want to pay the manual labour required for that. This is Germany, so yes, manual labour cost is prohibitive :-)

    At the moment cutting costs means nothing when there is no sales.

    Not sure if this came across, but let me repeat in no uncertain terms: iComp is not about making money. When I decided to continue with this company in 2019, it was "despite the losses", not "for the money to be made". The prime goal is serve the retro community. The second goal is to pay employee's salaries. When that's covered, I can think of paying back myself the money I've put into the company, and only then, I can think of paying myself a salary. We'll get there, eventually, but not by adding excessive cost.

    If you're willing to pay extra, please use a proxy service. Granted, that will cost you the 19% VAT as well, bt hey, you asked what it may cost.

    The code for relaying customs information to UPS is almost ready to be tested.

  • Very close - we got confirmation that we're registered for "paperless invoices", "paperless packing list" and "paperless worldwide express freight packing list air freight". The latter would apply to huge orders that require pallettes - unlikely to ever happen in this market :-)

    Next step is to calculate fees and enter that in the shop system. Might take a few days, as fuel surcharges have skyrocketed, and I also need to adjust the EU fees.