Bitcoin payments

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  • Hello! I’m curious to know if there is currently a way to purchase from your store using Bitcoin, and if not are there any future plans to support Bitcoin?


  • I used to offer this when I still had the QT-based client running all day and night, but that kept saturating my bandwidth. Back then, I bought the BTC as a private person from the customer(s), then paid iComp, so I served as the "proxy" between iComp and the customer.

    I stopped that in late 2013 - only resurrected&sold the wallet a few months ago, but currently don't have plans to add BTC as payment option.

    The whole BTC craze of 2013 got me interested in renewable energy, though - and I'm totally with that other guy who stopped taking BTC for his cars for environmental reasons. However, I believe that BTC will be cleaner some day, so if there is a provider who offers an interface that can be implemented in a web shop (like a REST API), I'd look into that. When the footprint of BTC is cleaner, I can flick a switch and accept BTC directly in the shop.

    I do have a trading account with one of the German crypto exchanges, but hardly ever log in there. So while I personally *love* the idea of dealing with the customer directly, without having to go through a bank and pay exchange rates and transfer fees, the best advice I can currently give is to sell the amount of BTC you need, and transfer that to us using They offer really low transfer fees and the "real" currency exchange rate, whereas banks will mostly rip you off on both positions if you're outside Europe. If you are not registered with yet, I can send you an affiliate link that will give you a free first transfer.

  • While exchanging eMails with a potential US customer about money transfer possibilities (he doesn't have a possibility to log into PayPal because he doesn't ahve a mobile phone at the moment), I have checked with that crypto exchange platform again where I have registered ages ago.

    Turns out that I completed the registration process for iComp GmbH, not for me as a person. Further, they offer receiving direct payments in crypto, without going through the market place. So if you want to give this a try, it'll have to be "pretty manual": You place the order in the shop system, then choose wire transfer, then send me an eMail and I'll send you the BTC or ETH address (caution: ERC20 network only!). This feels pretty much like the process I've had back in 2013, with the only difference that you are sending the coins directly to the company, not to me as an intermediary person. Not that this would make any difference...