Problem with drives: 1541, 1541 II

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  • Hello, I purchased a C64R MK2, almost everything works. Can't see 1541, 1541 II and 1541U2 + floppy drives.

    Everything connected individually, does not see the drive at all:

    LOAD "$", 8



    Definitely set to 8

    Should I activate something else?

    Power supply purchased together with the C64R.

    (google translator)

  • if you get FILE NOT FOUND, then the Computer sees the drive and the IEC Bus works! The problem is with the Disk and/or the Drive itself.

    Try the following:

    - connect exactly one Floppy drive

    - power on the drive, then the C64R

    - type in and run the following small BASIC program:

    10 open 1,8,15

    20 input a,b$,c,d

    30 print a;b$;c;d

    40 close 1

    That should print the drives powerup message (DOS version ).

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