A dumb question !

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  • Hello !

    I know I have a 128 MB ACA but I'm a little befuddled about what version it is ! :S I was finally going to try Maprom with the new 3.2 rom.
    Unfortunately I try to search in the store orderhistory but it has only ordernumbers , not what was on the order :-(
    Any way you can tell somewhere else ? (Without opening computer again.) Its definitively a 030 card, maybe ACA1233 or 1233n (I had hoped it was 1233n because then I could use the GUI ACAtool.)
    I THINK it was 26 mhz but not sure. (I also have the very first that came out the 1230/28, that was once back for repair. That one only supports the CLI maprom ?)

    Anyway thanks for everything. And hope the C64 PSU comes out sometime soon ! ;)

  • Do you remember the colour of the board? Performance also gives a good idea about the generation. The newer cards have optimizations on the chip ram interface, and mem locations are also "slightly different".

    If you post a "showconfig" output, it may already shed some light on what oyu have.

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