Aca 1211

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  • Today i tried my new aca 1211...its a good card provides plenty of ram but its true it doest like pcmcia cf cards...i can surf contents, install from it and hot swap fine but i noticed that i have to eject the cf if I want to load whoload games otherwise the Amiga 1200 crashes but overall its very good value for money (i am using 3.1 rom as maprom to 3.1.4 didn't work) maybe fixes will be made when the new acatool is out

  • Yes but you are refering to the cf card reader issue...regarding the maprom related issue with the 3.1.4 rom its something that the acatool can handle with a proper update.

  • MapROM with Kick 3.1.4 does work, this is a known-good feature and it's in our test loop. We did have a case in the past (somewhere in this forum) where data transfer from CF to the Amiga did not work correctly, or where unpacking the file was not done on the Amiga. You might want to double-check the file with an MD5 tool.

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