Indivision ECS V2 display issue

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  • Hi Jens,

    Thank you very much, I was able to solve the problem and my IndiECSv2 is already working again.

    I unzipped the flashtool-1.7.lha file in WinUAE, I created an ADF image of a boot floppy.

    I started the AMIGA 500 rev. 6A - 1MB chip RAM, with the ADF image, the computer booted, and apparently reflashed the IndiECSv2.

    Power Led Blinking once, pause, repeat, meaning, "Success, all ok".

    I restarted the AMIGA and no image on the monitor, which continued to indicate "no signal detected".

    I reflashed it several times and the result always remained the same until I remembered to connect my old CRT PHILIPS monitor to the VGA output and my Benq LCD monitor to the AMIGA RGB output.


    Somehow IndiECSv2 woke up and from there I got everything working again.

    Thank you again, Jens, for your support!

    Palma Santos