ACA1221lc Maprom odd booting

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  • Hi, I just purchased an Indivision AGA Mk3 and ACA1221lc, they are both great and really have made my Amiga much more comfortable and fun to use. However I have one issue if I can even call it that, when I turn on the Maprom feature I am unable to do a softboot, only when turning the Amiga off and back on does it boot but if I use the keyboard to restart it sits on the Kickstart screen. This happens if just remapping the existing kickstart or using a newer kickstart, if I do not enable Maprom it soft boots without issue. I have a CF card as the hard disk. Thanks in advance for any advice :)

  • The ACA1221lc starts much faster if you have MapROM enabled. If you reset the machine, you also reset the CF card, so both go through a reset-procedure. It's possible that the CF card doesn't reply to the "identify"-command, because it simply misses it.

    This is a known problem ever since the A1200 came out. The easiest solution is to cut the reset-signal that goes to the CF card; it's pin#1, usually the red wire of the IDE cable.

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