Aca500plus pin damaged

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  • Hi Jens from Italy ! Taking my 2 cfs in and out from their slots i've damaged the pins, the ones in the boot one work and dont' give me any problems anyway, the ones in the aux instead give me problems 'cause one is broken and another one went fully out and is lost, so now if i use only the boot one everything works, if i try to use the aux too the sistem goes stuck at boot time while the aux LED remains always white, if i try to use the aux inserting a cf card in it after boot idem, wb 3.1 goes stuck after inserting the cf aux card while the aux LED remains always white....i've not the original box shipping paper box anymore at home. Is it possible to repair the aux slot?? How much time and money would it be?? Thanks.

    Francesco :)

  • We do sell the CF slot as a spare part in our shop, so if you have someone locally who can exchange the part, it'll probably be fastest if you just order the part from us.

    If we do the CF slot swap here, it's 28.56 EUR for labour and 8.33 EUR (both incl. 19% tax) plus shipping. This is hoping that the pins did not cause a short and the power control is damaged - then we may need to exchange the MOSFET that controls power for the AUX slot as well, but that's a lot less labour, and the part itself is under 1,- EUR.

    I'd recommend to find someone locally, as you'll save lots of money for shipping.

  • Hi Jens and thanks!! So I'll buy from you 2 cf slots to have one as a backup too and let a PC tech close to my house do the work, i've asked him about yesterday. For the mosfet instead?? Do you have any in the shop catalogue??

    I could buy it in advance too for exorcism 🤷‍♂️😆

  • The CF card slots are in your shop, yes. The FET that controls the AUX card voltage isn't - that's a standard IRLML5203 on Q1. You also might want to check Q2, a BC850C and the bleed resistor R12, 220R.