Indivision ecs v2 firmware 2.5 mouse pointer issue

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  • Dear Icomp

    This is my system:

    Amiga 2000 rev 6.2

    xsurf100 rapid road

    Gba graphics card P96

    Indivision ecs v2

    Tf536 in processor slot


    After upgrading to the latest firmware 2.5 of the indivision the mouse pointer becomes very unstable and flies all over the desktop (unusable). It is not possible to control the mouse pointer.

    When returning back to firmware 2.3 (20190516) it is fixed again (and when returning back to 2.5 the mouse problem returns). I tried this various times.

    Also without the turbocard. (and the other cards removed)

    It there maybe something I am doing wrong?

    Maybe you can give some tips.



  • Sice you have a solution (going back to the previous firmware version), I'd consider this resolved. However, if you want to tinker a bit, you can try to exchange the 74LS157 multiplexer on your A2000 main board for a faster type, for example a 74HC157. The biggest difference between boards we've found was in these multiplexers, which have a huge range of propagation delay.

  • Ok thanks for the feedback. Probably will leave it. That ic is not socketed. I was triggered by the readme that stated with version 2.5:

    • Improve compatibility with certain Rev6 boards that showed "jumpy mouse" behavior. One of the sample points for the mouse has been moved to improve stability.

    But on my rev 6 it introduced this issue.