Tool to remove workbench overscan backdrop?

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  • I believe Jens mentioned this... somewhere... previously. Probably buried in one of these threads. Anyhow, I'm trying to find that small piece of software that sets the workbench overscan color to black, so the right edge of the screen with the Indivision doesn't visibly show the crawling scan lines.

  • Is that tool, to make everything outside the Workbench area black? Like I have this issue of the grey, being displayed on some parts of the area outside the workbench, and other areas being grey like on the workbench. I can work with the workbench not being fullscreen. Right now it is making this grey and black border around the workbench area.

  • All right.... Some information on how I removed that border. I did not try border blank for this.

    Right now, I have the IndiECS V2 running on 800x600 in 2 or 4 colours and it is sloooooow. Well yada dida, I have no accelerator installed. Hehe. Naturally, it will get slow on my machine. Yet the workbench it self are now being displayed border to border in 800x600 and so I have no border at all on the workbench. Only workbench, centered perfectly and beautifully bam, straight in the middle and border to border.

    The night between yesterday and the day before (+14 hours straight), I fiddeled with a lot of different screenmode/monitor files, found on aminet. And none worked. Then I turned to and consulted my issue. I took note in the "storage/monitors" folder in workbench had all these new monitors installed from me trying them software packages. And everytime I had doubleclicked on each monitor, it would turn up in the screenmode selector in workbench. And this made me choose a screenmode (not from within the IndiECS tool), that would actually make the screen be full-screen and border to border. Untill I rebooted, then it would disappear from the screenmode-selector menu, and the machine would go back to the screen not displaying in full screen. Both and cold and on warm boot. (A+A+CTRL and Power-Cycle)


    I asked around if anyone knew any software package, that would enhance Workbench, in order to give me more screenmodes in the screenmode selector, yet I got a response from a fellow countryman, that I should try and copy all files from "dho:devs/monitors" to "dh0:storage/monitors" and do the same the other way around. Making the exact same files be in both directories. And then reboot.... And BAM.... After next reboot, then I got the workbench to fit nice and snug, and in border to border. After that, I did a complete backup of both directories, and on two floppy disks each. Just in case because we all know how well floppy disks will keep on working, and especially after all these years. :-D

    So I hope this will give you all a clue as to how to get this going, and if there are any bugs in the IndiECS V2 config tool. Personally I am happy that I have solved at least one issue with my 600-setup, share my findings with you guys and hope someone can get any use out of this information.


    By the way.... Sorry Rockwater, for hijacking your tread.... Hope my findings will serve you as well. I just thought that this will be a good place to fit in my findings.

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